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Coming Soon Pages

A 'Coming Soon' page is the perfect way to launch your site without people seeing the changes you make to your main site.

They are built without a main menu so that this is the only page on your site that people can reach. The aim of a Coming Soon page is to generate interest / enquiries while you build your site and provide a way for people to stay notified on when you launch.

This allows you to build interest prior to your main site going live and also gives you a headstart when it comes to search engines indexing your website.

Depending on your business, you can:

  • Use a Coming Soon page to direct people to where they can find your local business
  • Generate enquiries by sharing your contact details
  • Direct people to your social profiles so they can find out when your site goes live

How To Build This Page

  • Bring up the Block Selector ( '+' Icon in the bottom left of the page).
  • Select 'Content' from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a 'Headline & Text' block. There are a number of variants to choose from.
  • Go to 'Block Settings' (Right-hand menu toggle icon) and turn on 'Full Height Block'
  • Open the 'Background' tab and select your background image. The transparency in this example is 0
  • Fill in your headline and text areas. For the sub heading, highlight the text and select the 'Bold' icon.
  • To add the Social Icons - Bring up the Block Selector, select 'Icons' from the drop down box and select one of the two 'Social Icons' blocks.
  • To change your Social Icon settings, hover over the icons and click the toggle button that appears.